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Yoga and Stress Management

Training Program on “Yoga and Stress Management”

This training program was conducted to educate regarding ways to combat the increasing stress in parents and children which happens during their everyday journey of life.

Swayam had organized workshop on Yoga and Stress Management for parents of special kids.

Topics included introduction to stress, common factors inducing stress, introduction to Yoga technique and how Yoga helps to manage stress effectively. The training was given by renown Dental surgeon and leading Yoga specialist of Thane, Dr.Ajit Oak.

The workshop started with Dr.Oak expIaining what is stress and what effects it has on human body.

  • Eustress—good stress required for organism to function
  • Distress—bad stress that induces tension
  • Demand of situation and personal expectations add to stress
  • Fight or flight response—increased heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate
  • Person has to come back to normal balanced state of regular heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate

Dr. Oak explained that chronic stress reduces immunity of the person leading to hypertension, cardiac issues, irritable bowel, aggression and depression.

Change what you can change and accept what you cannot change, is the best way to deal with stress.

Dr. Oak explained that Yoga is science of mind, a technique to get mastery over Monkeyness of mind. It has effect on non- intellectual level, mind, body, endocrine system and increases ability of person to face a stressful situation.

He explained various facets of Yoga such as:

  • Human being as Energy System— Prana and Pranasadhana
  • Panchkosh and Bhavsadhana
  • Tratak-Om, Kriya, Asnas, Yoganidra

The audience learned that Yoga focuses on abdominal cavity and spinal column, but Yoga is not limited to doing some cryptic body postures. It increases ability of the person to perceive stress factors effectively and friendliness towards Happiness.

The session closed with question-answer session where Dr. Oak answered various queries from parents.

There was announcement made by Swayam about Yoga sessions to be organized for parents at the Swayam Panchpakhadi Centre.