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What We Do

Therapies like - Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Sensory Integration Therapy, Speech Therapy, Neuro-Developmental Therapy, Remedial Therapy, Group Therapy, Snoezelen Therapy provided by “Swayam” have helped Cerebral Palsy affected children and their parents in gaining confidence about the assistance given. Today, children living in the Thane municipal area and other adjoining areas are taking help of these therapies, thus improving their condition. It’s worth mentioning here that Swayam has gone beyond its boundaries and worked for the commitment it has towards the society. Many other social organisations too have helped Swayam in achieving this. Many medical experts are also associated with Swayam and have helped in holding several workshops and training programmes for parents of Cerebral Palsy children. A free health check-up camp for the disabled is organized every year on occasion of World Disabled Day. Workshops on Dyslexia and communication skills, Stress management, Neuro-developmental Therapy and Sensory Integration Therapy have further helped these children. Similarly, special training sessions for parents of Autistic and Hyper-Active children, inspirational talks for parents, yoga sessions, talks on Disability Rights, and many such sessions have received a good response from parents.

The Arts and Crafts workshop for children too received good response from the children. Swayam has always strived for bringing moments joy to the lives of parents of children suffering from Cerebral Palsy, so that they live a few hours of stress-free lives. Parents-children picnics, fancy dress contests, Diwali and Dassera celebrations and many such events have further helped in strengthening the emotional bond between children-parent and Swayam.

Around 50 per cent of the children coming to Swayam are with multiple disabilities. Some are Austistic and Hyper-active too. Therefore, Swayam has started a special service for these children. For children above the age of 18 years, Swayam has started special vocational training workshops. Transport facility is required for children coming to Swayam from far away parts of Thane district.