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Occupational Therapy

Training Program on "Occupational Therapy, Reducing Deformities and Making Everyday Task Easy”

The following training program was conducted to educate the parents regarding what the secondary complications are and how to prevent them and make everyday activities simpler.

Dr. Shriharsh Jahagirdar, Occupational Therapist, from Nair Hospital working as associate professor addressed important issues like importance of selfcare in children, levels of functional independence, how physical and intellectual impairment effects daily functioning and strategies to improve functional participation amongst children.

A power point presentation with pictorial depictions were used for the workshop.

The interactive session with parents involved teaching them hands-on techniques of preparatory exercises, positioning, dressing, feeding and appropriate use of tools.

Parents also were divided into groups to delineate programs on hypothetical cases and were discussed later.

Parents were very active during the session and participated and expressed freely in group setting. Overall, it was a good learning session.