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Diwali Celebrations


Of all the Hindu festivals, Diwali has a special place in our hearts as it is the most important festival. All enjoy this festival in their own way.

Children at Swayam too celebrate and enjoy the festival in a special way. They hand-paint the diyas (pantya) of various shapes and sizes and decorate them with shiny stones and stickers. They also prepare colourful lanterns, thus giving way to their creative side.

Swayam Family along with their children celebrate this festival in a very novel way. In order to introduce children about this most important festival, - they are told stories about the importance of Laxmipujan. Children are asked to draw rangolis using flowers as well as rangolis and decorate the premises with diyas prepared by them. The illuminated premises with the lanterns and diyas create a very celebratory atmosphere and gave immense joy to the children in the festival. All the children, parents and staff then enjoy Diwali mithai and snacks (faraal).