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Calender Publication

Our organisation Swayam completed 11 years of selfless service on 1st February 2016 and to celebrate this journey we organised an event of 11th anniversary. On this occasion, the Trust published a Table-top Calender of the year 2017 consisting of the paintings made by our very own Swayam kids in our Center. Each page of this Table-top Calender is made of the child's painting, his/her name and a'one-line Message' to the society for Disability Awareness. This venture was a part of Awareness Campaign of our Trust.

The aim of this initiative was to show the society that given a platform to showcase their abilities, positive environment and appropriate guidance focusing on a child's strengths, any child irrespective of disability is capable of great success. The aim of this unique concept was to provide a platform for children with special needs to showcase their hidden talents and express their emotions;children with special needs are usually considered to be a burden on the family and society as they are most often unable to express themselves. We want to encourage the society to look at them in a positive light and accept their strengths instead of focusing on their weaknesses. We would like to show the society at large that when accepted, a child with disability is also able to reach great success.

Our young artist at Swayam expressed their joy, playful positive approach with the help of colors in their own god gifted skills and abilities which gives them opportunity to stand out as individual young artists.

The Publication of this above-mentioned Calender was done by the Cabinate minister of Public Works Department, Maharashtra State and Guardian Minister, Thane district, Hon. Shri. Eknathji Shinde.ji on 25th January 2017, which was also a Republic day Celebration in the Center.